Photo Series Day 7

Color is a very important part in Indian culture…no matter in which part of the country you stay,what religion you follow…you have to be colorful if it’s some occasion.People tend to forget what is considered sober and pleasant to the eyes in weddings,and if you aren’t colourful enough,you might just be considered a mourner.

Bangles (worn at wrist) are an important part of getting ‘ready’ for any occasion for every woman…Yes,they are one thing that give you glitter, color and even music!!! Most commonly worn are glass bangles,and for a wedding green glass bangles are a tradition.

These are from my(ummm,ok not mine…my mom n sis’) collection.


Photo Series Day 6

I know, I know I missed a day….but really who cares as long as complete the 10 days…lets say I took a break mid way!!!
Anyways so…Im not going to post two different themes today…just going to add a day.
Here is today’s photo(s)

Religious buildings form a very important part in Indian architecture.India is bustling with a variety of religions and these seem to have struck a harmony somewhere…So my photos are religious buildings taken in diff parts of India…

Temple in Rajasthan
A temple and church in Tamil Nadu
Temple in Maharashtra

Yes, I’ m aware that these are just Hindu religious buildings, but i promise that I will be putting up more secular pictures very soon.

Temples are usually made in locally available stone and are adorned by delicate hand carvings…These intricate carvings often depict religious stories or incidences. Though these buildings are a treasure of Indian culture,there is little care taken by government to preserve and conserve them.Some parts of India like Rajasthan where tourism is in prime, a little efforts are taken…but in states like Maharashtra and Karnataka, where these buildings deserve equal attention are neglected beyond contempt.


I feel foolish today…and a little selfish too…how could I runt over the lack of love in my life…when the person who loves me the most has always been right next to me…and needing me??? How could I have given a great deal of importance to something I don’t have and completely ignored the most valuable thing in my life…? I realize now how trivial my issues are…when I see this person in front of me.
No one’s life is perfect, no one gets everything that they wish for, and nobody’s every dream comes true…SO WHAT?? I know I have two choices…to keep grumbling about what I couldn’t have or just put it in the past and value and nurture what I have been blessed with. And I chose to be happy…in all the love that I have ever received. I should be grateful to the person who has always stood by me, and pulled me out of deep troubles. So what if the person has been throwing you off for a little while…it’s just superficial….or all in my mind I guess. And as a matter of fact I am grateful…but I just need to manifest it better. And be a bit more responsible.
So I make a choice today…to burry all my issues, to put the past in its righteous place with no resentment…leave all my personal problems to rest in peace…and live life happily!!!

Photo Series Day 5

India, predominantly a Hindu nation,is one of the few civilizations where dance is worshiped.Lord Shiva is worshiped by Indian classical dancers.Lord Shiva is the creator and destroyer of the world.He is referred to as Nataraja,and is a master of a dance form called as tandava. While Rudra tandava depicts the angry side of the lord, Ananda tandava depicts Him enjoying his creations.

Photo Series Day 3

Manglore tiles are conglomerate with the identity of Indian villages…esp in regions where we experience rainfall.Even in cities,these tiles add a very earthy feel to plenty of private bungalows.I love them,though not when people use them in places where they could have done without it.

This photo was taken in a cultural village center in Tamil Nadu,a state with heavy rainfall…

Fall in love at least once…

I could have shown you the star light sky,

And given you a piece of heaven.

Tickled you with my nose,

To ease the tension on your brow.

Cuddled with you in snow-clad mountains,

And burned under the sun in deserts.

You would have never had a chance to complaint

I would had filled your life with love…

If only you had given me a chance to show me,

How easy life could had been!

But the pain was too much,

And its coming back again.

This time I found a guiding light,

And I’m much stronger.

But I wish I could have shown you,

Life can so be lovable…

I hope you get it with someone else

And fall in love at least once!!!