Five SMS Per Day

Indian Government has implemented a limit of five sms per day as a measure against the bulk msgs that have led to certain rumors scaring some innocent people from northeastern India residing in different states to flee back home.What is this mockery?It is like saying ‘Do not breathe,you might catch viral infection,there’s a rumored epidemic.’ But this post is not about how preposterous Government regulations are,it would be a very long,boring and venomous post then.This post is about how this ‘only five sms per day’ has affected my life.

If this rule would have cropped up around a year back or anytime before that,I would had been really sad.Almost panicky.I would had not know when to use those five precious messages and more importantly,for whom .I would had pondered,waiting for the right sms to reply,would had avoided replying to people and basically been clumsy throughout the day till I exhausted myself and those 5 sms.But since it didn’t happen then,and it’s happening now,I have a different story to tell.

When i first heard the news…i went ‘Maaan,is this really happening???’ I discovered the news around afternoon,and to make sure that it has been implemented,I quickly sent two msgs to a friend which were due long time,and I had already sent three before…and the news was indeed true!Well,I was busy that day,and then later at night, gtalk and Facebook were the rescuer.Had long chats with a couple of friend.Next day was a Sunday. I was surprised by the end of the day,i hadn’t even used those 5 msgs up!!! And no,I don’t have whatsapp, if that’s what you are thinking! I realised I have grown up,if not grown over msgsing. I agree sometimes it is better to just msg than to tackle those awkward silences on phone,I have found comfort in this form of correspondence.But I just realised that my texting has gone down,so much as to less than 5 msgs per day.Ok maybe even today,sometimes I send as many as 20 odd sms,but it’s not something that I need to do anymore!And I’m so glad to have reached this stage,grown out of the addiction!People who really matter will never miss out to tell you anything important because they couldn’t sms,and vice versa!Neither has it affected my work in any way.Infact out of today’s 5 sms,3 were sent to my sir at work,and they were just enough!!

So,5 sms per day,bring it on…!