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Song Association

Last week,I was reading a book called ‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey.It is an autobiographical account of this wonderful women with a funny bone.There are a couple of lines in the book when she remembers her single hood days that go like this:

Whitney Houston’s cover of “I Will Always Love You” was constantly on my FM Walkman radio around that time. I think that made me cry because I associated it with absolutely no one.

I smiled many times during the book,but on reading these lines,my insides smiled with me.How many times had that happened to me!You miss someone when you a hear a song,but not missing someone when you hear a song can make you sad too.This used to happen a lot to me,and I used to feel like an emotional idiot.It was such a relief reading those lines,a relief to know that someone somewhere (who has a published book) feels the way I do too.Well,of course,a stronger me does not shed tears over these songs anymore,but yes,I am not embarrassed (now) to accept,there was a time when romantic songs used to drive me into a depressional abyss.The songs that used to be most successful in doing so were ‘Brighter than sunshine’ by Aqualung,’Lucky’ by Jason Marz and recently when I heard the song ‘Back to you’ by Bryan Adams,I did not feel melancholia but just couldn’t stop smiling of how much I used to love this song for some reason! I used to play these songs in loop (not just these,plenty more,but I will spare you all) and cry for hours.




Oh,what the hell,lets listen to these one more time…(and that’s how the loop begins)


I’m intrigued if anyone else has such songs that make them somber for not reminding them of someone,do you?

(P.S. I know all these songs are ‘pop music’.I wonder if this points out to the fact that the feeling,of not being able to associate anyone with these songs,is immature and shallow.Well,who cares?)

(P.P.S. I tried not to write this post for many days,but with it raining since evening,I couldn’t help myself.I’m still a sucker for all things romantic)


#nowlistening : People C’mon By Delta Spirit

This is crazy as hell,as he is obviously drunk.But for me,I think he’s just high,not drunk.Which is great.The music that he creates just touches right where it should.This is turning out to be the best song I have heard in a long long time.Great rhythm.Beautiful melody.Superb lyrics.And what performers.

Crazy.Love it.

Listen to it people,people c’mon!


Strike 1 : Live music concert

Yes,the first strike off my list of things to do while im 25

The Poona Music Society and Goethe Institut, Pune had organized a jazz evening at Mazda Hall. The artists performing for the evening were Bica-Daerr-Stick trio.I had never heard of them before,so I went in without knowing what to expect.(Some times I think this works in favor…having a clean slate.)

As I reached just about in time,and went inside…I was surprised to see the fairly modest size of the hall.But it is well established fact now,quality matters,not quantity.The thing that I fell in love with immediately was the huge black shinning  piano that stood on the stage.I had never seen that big a piano live.Then I noticed the wooden stage…the scale of it made it endearing.It had nice little wooden wings and steps.There in the middle lay a double bass and next to it was a drum set.Their skill full  handlers came in and thus began the enchanting two hours performance.I was sitting in a place where I was surrounded by foreigners,but I never felt out-of-place even for a minute.In fact,after moments they started playing i didn’t even notice where  i was.It was just the music that took over.The star of the evening was the pianist Carsten Daerr. His amazing skill with the keys were just captivating.But my personal favorite was Carlos Bica.His compositions were just the best amongst what they played.My favorite was ‘the believer’. It was like they were weaving emotions around the notes that they were playing.I lost all sense of place and time when the composition played.After the performance ended I was so glad to have spent the two hours there.It was completely a fulfilling strike of the list.

Here’s the piece that I loved

You can find my wish list here

PS.The Thank yous to my best friend for being there with me!


The Beauty of Simplicity…

I had forgotten how the most simple things in life are the most beautiful ones…

The songs by Norah Jones reminded me of this today…I had never really heard her songs before,I thought they aren’t my type…But i have been listening to her since yesterday now…and i can’t just get enough of her music…nothing extravagant,no complicated lyrics, no outrageous music pieces…just sweet melody,a smooth voice and simple lyrics, pure emotions…

Here are a couple of her songs…maybe not her most popular…but I love them!

For anyone who was as ignorant as me….give it a patient ear….and discover the beauty of simplicity!!