Arrogance and Uncertainties – Turning 25

I turned 25 yesterday,and I didn’t think it would,but it DID affect me.25…hummm,I will now be in the late twenties.25 sounds old..and everyone around me,close to me made me feel that way yesterday.Everyone started talking about my marriage(seriously??!)I heard and therefore also said ’25’ at least ’25’ times yesterday!!!

All things apart…what matters really did affect me.It got me thinking…25!! Ideally I should be this mature,stable girl ready to get married to a guy her parents select for her.But I neither act mature,nor am I stable and marriage is something I haven’t even given a thought about.I looked back on the years that have slipped like grains of sand from my hand…I look back at my life and wonder where has all the time gone??

Today at 25,I can be arrogant with my parents because I don’t like being told what to do,I have learnt to hate people and bitch about them,I understand when people around me play politics and I am still confused about most of the things…If I look back at my life,I feel there is so much I could have done,and so little I did.And mostly I realised how bad my planning and managing skill are!I realised I have never really had a plan for my life…I have many dreams and wishes,but really no idea how to realise them or fulfill them.So I decided…enough of being lazy,and confused and all over the place!!! And lets start by planning,if not life,at least a year…lets start small and realistically decide and get to actually doing things that I always wanted to do..

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