Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Because I couldn’t stop at one image,here are some more…





I do not remember feeling so happy and so free in a long time.I do not remember how I got here or where I really was,but it was in the middle of a lot of water.I’m guessing it was near some island.A little away I could see some green from a few palm tops.What I was standing on was or at least  seemed like a rotating wooden deck that was attached to a motorboat.I was amazed how I was surrounded by all the near – dear ones, and how everyone seemed happy.Someone on the boat,which was to a standstill,was playing all ‘The Doors’ songs.Even though we were stationary,there was a pleasant breeze blowing.Some notorious boys on motorbike were coming near the deck and splashing water on us.Through the drops of water on my eyelashes,I could see diamond-shaped sun smiling down on us.I thought heaven must feel like this.I felt a certain sense of life in me than I had never felt before.I knew the guy I have a crush on was flirting heavily with a hot chick,and my best friend and her boyfriend,having met after so many days,instead of making out were singularly jumping in the water over and over again.But it did not affect me.I could hear the movement of water near my ears as I put my head on the brim of the deck.I could feel peace stretch from the tip of my wet hair to the brightly colored toe nails.I don’t remember if it was just moments after or if ages had passed by, but I heard a voice, almost like an echo calling out my name.It was a female voice and by the urgency and irritation in  the voice I recognized it as my mom’s voice.I woke up with a start and now all I could hear was my mom’s.Everyone around seemed to be in doing the same things that they were doing before, only in mute mode. I realized I was trying to open my wide open eyes.I realized I was dreaming.The voice still seemed to call out my name from an abyss.And with a mild jerk I woke up in my room.I lay in my bed eyes still struggling to open.I could still smell water.I could still feel the tips of my hair wet.It felt unreal.Wait,my hair was really wet.I was pretty shaken because of what I saw next.Where there used to be a sofa set,now was a small water body,aligned with the edge of my bed.I do not know how the water remained in only that part of the room,as if contained by glass walls.But there was no glass.I could run my hand in the water and splash it around.It was unbelievable.Was it my imagination or had I started seeing things??I did not know if this was sane but I was excited as hell.I tried calling my mom,but somehow I just couldn’t speak loudly.I went in to the kitchen,and pulled her to water.She couldn’t see it!!!It was right there,all the smell and the noise and the water itself!!! But she couldn’t see it.I was about to cry…why wasn’t she accepting that there was water in our room!! I closed my eyes.My mom was yelling out my name again…from an abyss.Did she run away the moment I closed my eyes?I liked the darkness.I did not wanted to open my eyes.But when I did,all I saw was the pixelated version of my cushion cover print.It was just that!!!Why was I back in my bed,and suffocating myself against the cushion in a fraction of a second,and how??!I jolted out of the bed…

There was no water,

My hair was as dry as possible

And like always my toe nails were colorless.

What was that?? Yes,a dream in a dream.I have had the type before.I have had all types of dreams before.Endless fall in the infinite valley dream,losing all my teeth dream,being chased down by a giant spiked ball on a steep mountain slope dream,walking in to a room naked and being stared to embarrassment dream(I’m ALWAYS wearing skin colored clothes in these dream,stupid people just don’t get it!!!!) I always have crazy dreams,but I have never had a I-was-going-crazy dream!!! I wonder what that means…!