The untimely rain

I knew there was a hurricane in some unrelated-to-me part of the world. But I hadn’t expected it to affect me. As I walked down the road, unsuspecting,unprepared… it rained on me. I could see the road ahead of me was getting dark and the rain was only getting heavier. I tried finding rhyme in the shower,to make my journey tolerable. But I couldn’t! The sudden screeching lighting scared the shit out of me for a second. But I realised it also helped me see my path. Even though I have always been scared of lightning, since childhood, I knew it was my only saviour right now. There was no point in fighting it. I had to befriend my enemy, grow over my fear and see the other side of this coin.
As the heavy raindrops continued hitting my drenched hair, my fingers started getting numb. Another lightning, and I knew that I was half way there. Already? Not bad, I thought to myself.
I suddenly started enjoying the rain. Kicking the small puddles along the curb, I finally found the rhythm in the rain. And strength in the lightning.
No matter what time in the year,what phase in your life,the untimely rain will always try to boggle you down. The challenge is, not always being prepared for the rain; what is life if you are over cautious after all? The challenge is dealing with the rain. Never mind if you get drenched,let yourself be poured upon by life. The challenge, and the beauty is, continuing on your journey,no matter what. The challenge is enjoying the journey,no matter what. And emerging stronger, every single time.