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Sea change

The time is NOW

To realise your dreams
To get things done
To stop expecting things from everyone but you
To be the reason for your own happiness
To find peace within yourself
To let go
To be free
To do what you want

For life,the time is NOW
For love,the time is NOW
For YOU,the time is NOW
For change,the time is NOW!


Strike 1 : Live music concert

Yes,the first strike off my list of things to do while im 25

The Poona Music Society and Goethe Institut, Pune had organized a jazz evening at Mazda Hall. The artists performing for the evening were Bica-Daerr-Stick trio.I had never heard of them before,so I went in without knowing what to expect.(Some times I think this works in favor…having a clean slate.)

As I reached just about in time,and went inside…I was surprised to see the fairly modest size of the hall.But it is well established fact now,quality matters,not quantity.The thing that I fell in love with immediately was the huge black shinning  piano that stood on the stage.I had never seen that big a piano live.Then I noticed the wooden stage…the scale of it made it endearing.It had nice little wooden wings and steps.There in the middle lay a double bass and next to it was a drum set.Their skill full  handlers came in and thus began the enchanting two hours performance.I was sitting in a place where I was surrounded by foreigners,but I never felt out-of-place even for a minute.In fact,after moments they started playing i didn’t even notice where  i was.It was just the music that took over.The star of the evening was the pianist Carsten Daerr. His amazing skill with the keys were just captivating.But my personal favorite was Carlos Bica.His compositions were just the best amongst what they played.My favorite was ‘the believer’. It was like they were weaving emotions around the notes that they were playing.I lost all sense of place and time when the composition played.After the performance ended I was so glad to have spent the two hours there.It was completely a fulfilling strike of the list.

Here’s the piece that I loved

You can find my wish list here

PS.The Thank yous to my best friend for being there with me!


Mumbai…unlike MUMBAI

I am an Indian.But unlike most of the Indian common man(though I am that),I have never really been keen on visiting Mumbai.The city has an image of being the busiest city in the country..and it rightly is so.I hate places where people are always rushing to be somewhere.I hate crowd,and I hate sweat.That is why I never went to Mumbai,only as a child,but never after that.Until last week…

And I loved it.I went on a Sunday…early in the morning,in Colaba.With my camera in hand after many days,it was a treat for me.All the facades were still of the old buildings…and I saw the charm that people always said Mumbai had.Being a Sunday morning,the streets were not crowded at all! I saw many structures that had survived terror attacks over the year.It was a different feeling altogether.

I may go on forever about the day…but they say a picture is worth a thousand words…So here are a few snapshots of my day in the city of Mumbai…that I liked!


Watching the Watcher

Yesterday morning I went to do some house hunting for a friend and came back after 5 o’ clock. I was terribly tired, and also for some  reason was nursing a bad mood…All i wanted to do was lie down peacefully and read a book,that I had been wanting to read since morning. But peace is something you hardly get at my house.My mom and my sister are legendary when it comes to arguments.They could beat Tom and Jerry in this fighting thing. Sometimes I really can’t take it…and anger shoots up my in head…but I knew nothing I do or say is going to stop this argument.

So I simply picked up my book,changed in to my comfy everyday denim,took a sachet, filled it with the book,my doodle pad and my Lamy and left…and went to the nearest descent cafe(which is anything but near,my area has no nice place), ordered my regular, a  mocha, and took out my book…The place was filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee…and it was oddly comforting….as if nothing in the world can ever go wrong. I was at ease, free from everything in my mind and within a few seconds was deeply engrossed in the book.After a few minutes,I felt this vibe…negative vibe from somewhere…I could feel eyes on me….I tried to ignore it, thought I must be imagining things.But when my coffee was served,I looked up just for a moment…and there he was,some random guy…with his girl and yet with his frog life bulging eyes, staring at me…!I looked at him with narrowing eyes and he tilted his face in such a way that the girl(oh poor girl) that he was with thought he was listening to her and yet from the corner of his eye he could see me…And all my concentration went down the drain. I did not know why he was looking at me.Was it odd for him that I was alone and reading a book?Or was it simply because I was this young(I’m sure he misjudged my age) girl all alone.Oh I don’t know why…but why the hell!!! It was just highly frustrating! I tried going back to the book,but his annoying head jerks and snorty laughter keep diverting my attention. I really hate that girls still have to endure this…he was getting on my nerves.I put down my book and took a long sip of my coffee while fixing my eyes on him.He became uncomfortable,and his bulging eyeballs rolled swiftly to other direction.Hah,I thought…the ball was in my court now.I kept my cup down,my gaze fixed on him.He shifted awkwardly in his chair.Lets give him a taste of what lies at the receiving end I thought! I took out my doodle pad and my pen.And smirked like pure evil.I looked at him and started scribbling in the pad…and kept looking at him from time to time with unnecessary exaggerated head jerks.He probably thought i was making a caricature of him(nah,i wasn’t.I don’t have enough talent to do that)I felt like a sadist…but who cares what they will call me…I was really getting this immense satisfaction! He was way too uncomfortable,and was eating rapidly.I think he wanted to get out of my glaring stare.I kept at it.I think it was only a couple of minutes,but he hadn’t dared to look at me even to check if i was staring at him.I let a loud giggle slip out of my mouth and his girl noticed that something that was causing unrest to the guy was me…! I felt horrible,because i think she thought i was hitting on him or something.Ya,right!But,within two more minutes, they paid the check and went off…!A real smile broke on my lips,i quickly ordered another coffee and went back to my book…peace at last!!!