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Back to the snow.

She knew she was facing her first love, as she stood a valley across from the snow clad mountains. A river swiftly flowed between rounded white boulders, a few meters below her feet, as she stood on the edge of the mountain.
The scene in front of her eyes transported her eight years back. When she was in a similar place, in much simpler times.
She couldn’t help but reminisce about her life back then:
She was a happy soul.
She hadn’t yet realised the permanence of dysfunction in her family.
She did not worry about a thing, but cared about everything.
She was not in love with anyone particular, but did love everyone in her life.
She was surrounded by her closest friends, who cared.
All her loved ones loved her back. And shared their lives with her.
She had a plan for her near future.
She had no idea how fucked up relationships could be.
She was unaware of what life had in store of her…
To break her train of thoughts, she consciously moved her gaze away from the snowy peaks and turned right. And there he was standing patiently for her to finish her coffee. Small beady eyes resonating innocence , he smiled as he noticed her shift in gaze, running down his hand through his silky smooth hair. It had been a long long time since she met someone so sensitive and considerate of others. He reminded her of her past self. Spending time with him encouraged her to be that person again. Or even better. He was a better person than she had ever managed to be.
Maybe the magic was in the place. How could anyone not be the best version of themselves in this utopia?
‘Sorry’, she said out loud to him. ‘I was a little too mesmerized by the sight.’
‘Take all the time you need.’, he replied courteously.
She beamed as he had said the exact same thing for her every earlier stop as well.
‘ No. I’m done. Take me directly to the snow now.’ She said.
‘ Take me back to that heavenly snow.’

Sikkim, India
Sikkim, India



I was travelling recently on the coastal lines here in India,where the sun has started scorching everything.So we were traveling in this nice A/C car…but outside all we could see was drying river beds and trees devoid of foliage.There was one such huge patch of arid trees.There was something about these trees that caught my mind,and I was thinking about them till we got back to the patch and I got down in middle of those of naked trees that my mind took to peace.It was 2 o clock in the afternoon and the sun was blazing,but I could not help feel wonderful as I touched those tree barks. Once when someone had asked me,’do you find a naked tree beautiful,do you find it’s silhouette an object of wonder’ and without even realizing what I was about to say I said, ‘no,I rather think a fully blossomed tree is beautiful’.I always have thought them to be interesting,but beautiful,not so much.Until I saw these trees.Suddenly,that conversation came to my mind,and I regret having told the person that I did not find them beautiful.I was so attracted to these trees,I was in a trance.It was as if they were trying to tell me how green and healthy they used to be,and how they were going to survive the glaring heat.The whole event of photographing them was almost inspirational.So here’s one of those insightful moments int the form a photography,which I took while being at the roots of a beautiful parched tree.

It’s a bad bad world…

For all those people who believe that the world is a better place than what it was,that if we keep faith in good things,good things will happen to us,that if be good to people,they will be good back to us…well,I welcome you to a real world you must open your eyes to!w

Stealing is a bad thing…yet there are so many thieves making a living out of stolen goods…healthy people,who can take up any small job if they want to…but no,there is a lot of evil in the minds of people…. malicious evil people.I realize this because I became a victim of such stealing today.I was just this person like you who believed that if we believe in good,there is good!! But damn…I feel so so ignorant today…but more than anything else I feel anger…I just feel this burning sensation running through my veins  ..and I don’t know what to do…I feel completely helpless…I close my eyes and see myself trashing plastic bottles,shattering glass vases,picking up random guy walking on the street by his collar and slapping him hard,I feel like strangling any person that I can lay my hands on….and then I have to open my eyes,and the only thing I can do to vent out my anger is to write…! I feel my eyes glistening over anger…over my helplessness .

For all those people who are living in a bubble like me…a fair warning: it’s a bad bad world out there,better set your guards up!!!