I feel foolish today…and a little selfish too…how could I runt over the lack of love in my life…when the person who loves me the most has always been right next to me…and needing me??? How could I have given a great deal of importance to something I don’t have and completely ignored the most valuable thing in my life…? I realize now how trivial my issues are…when I see this person in front of me.
No one’s life is perfect, no one gets everything that they wish for, and nobody’s every dream comes true…SO WHAT?? I know I have two choices…to keep grumbling about what I couldn’t have or just put it in the past and value and nurture what I have been blessed with. And I chose to be happy…in all the love that I have ever received. I should be grateful to the person who has always stood by me, and pulled me out of deep troubles. So what if the person has been throwing you off for a little while…it’s just superficial….or all in my mind I guess. And as a matter of fact I am grateful…but I just need to manifest it better. And be a bit more responsible.
So I make a choice today…to burry all my issues, to put the past in its righteous place with no resentment…leave all my personal problems to rest in peace…and live life happily!!!


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