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Bubble pop

We all humans live in a bubble.We believe everything we do is right.Everything we like is nice.Everything we love is perfect.Everything we do is correct.We never want to see beyond our preconceived notions.And even when we do not know of higher truths of the complicated world,we feel we have reached greater philosophy,above the worldly pleasures.I strongly believe that before we have the feeling of being over things,we need to experience them.Get out of our comfort zone and try out things that we feel we won’t like.Everything deserves a chance.A relation,a friend,a place,an adventure…everything deserves the opportunity of fair consideration.If we look at everything with non judgmental eyes,things will become clear to us.Maybe our idea about not liking it will turn out to be true.But maybe,we will discover something that we really like,or at good at and enjoy doing.Maybe we will discover a passion and nurture it for life.I think it is a risk worth taking.May be it is time for us to pop out of our bubble,and land on the ground.We are bound to get hurt.We are bound to trip over.But what is important that we know we have tried it out all first hand.And learned our own lessons.