Acrylic Attempt

This is my first attempt at painting in acrylic…I seriously hope I get better at this!!!

Feedback please…


It’s a bad bad world…

For all those people who believe that the world is a better place than what it was,that if we keep faith in good things,good things will happen to us,that if be good to people,they will be good back to us…well,I welcome you to a real world you must open your eyes to!w

Stealing is a bad thing…yet there are so many thieves making a living out of stolen goods…healthy people,who can take up any small job if they want to…but no,there is a lot of evil in the minds of people…. malicious evil people.I realize this because I became a victim of such stealing today.I was just this person like you who believed that if we believe in good,there is good!! But damn…I feel so so ignorant today…but more than anything else I feel anger…I just feel this burning sensation running through my veins  ..and I don’t know what to do…I feel completely helpless…I close my eyes and see myself trashing plastic bottles,shattering glass vases,picking up random guy walking on the street by his collar and slapping him hard,I feel like strangling any person that I can lay my hands on….and then I have to open my eyes,and the only thing I can do to vent out my anger is to write…! I feel my eyes glistening over anger…over my helplessness .

For all those people who are living in a bubble like me…a fair warning: it’s a bad bad world out there,better set your guards up!!!

Watching the Watcher

Yesterday morning I went to do some house hunting for a friend and came back after 5 o’ clock. I was terribly tired, and also for some  reason was nursing a bad mood…All i wanted to do was lie down peacefully and read a book,that I had been wanting to read since morning. But peace is something you hardly get at my house.My mom and my sister are legendary when it comes to arguments.They could beat Tom and Jerry in this fighting thing. Sometimes I really can’t take it…and anger shoots up my in head…but I knew nothing I do or say is going to stop this argument.

So I simply picked up my book,changed in to my comfy everyday denim,took a sachet, filled it with the book,my doodle pad and my Lamy and left…and went to the nearest descent cafe(which is anything but near,my area has no nice place), ordered my regular, a  mocha, and took out my book…The place was filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee…and it was oddly comforting….as if nothing in the world can ever go wrong. I was at ease, free from everything in my mind and within a few seconds was deeply engrossed in the book.After a few minutes,I felt this vibe…negative vibe from somewhere…I could feel eyes on me….I tried to ignore it, thought I must be imagining things.But when my coffee was served,I looked up just for a moment…and there he was,some random guy…with his girl and yet with his frog life bulging eyes, staring at me…!I looked at him with narrowing eyes and he tilted his face in such a way that the girl(oh poor girl) that he was with thought he was listening to her and yet from the corner of his eye he could see me…And all my concentration went down the drain. I did not know why he was looking at me.Was it odd for him that I was alone and reading a book?Or was it simply because I was this young(I’m sure he misjudged my age) girl all alone.Oh I don’t know why…but why the hell!!! It was just highly frustrating! I tried going back to the book,but his annoying head jerks and snorty laughter keep diverting my attention. I really hate that girls still have to endure this…he was getting on my nerves.I put down my book and took a long sip of my coffee while fixing my eyes on him.He became uncomfortable,and his bulging eyeballs rolled swiftly to other direction.Hah,I thought…the ball was in my court now.I kept my cup down,my gaze fixed on him.He shifted awkwardly in his chair.Lets give him a taste of what lies at the receiving end I thought! I took out my doodle pad and my pen.And smirked like pure evil.I looked at him and started scribbling in the pad…and kept looking at him from time to time with unnecessary exaggerated head jerks.He probably thought i was making a caricature of him(nah,i wasn’t.I don’t have enough talent to do that)I felt like a sadist…but who cares what they will call me…I was really getting this immense satisfaction! He was way too uncomfortable,and was eating rapidly.I think he wanted to get out of my glaring stare.I kept at it.I think it was only a couple of minutes,but he hadn’t dared to look at me even to check if i was staring at him.I let a loud giggle slip out of my mouth and his girl noticed that something that was causing unrest to the guy was me…! I felt horrible,because i think she thought i was hitting on him or something.Ya,right!But,within two more minutes, they paid the check and went off…!A real smile broke on my lips,i quickly ordered another coffee and went back to my book…peace at last!!!