Live your life every minute!

Today i was doing a few sketches and i realized how rarely I do this…When i completed it,and was staring at it to find flaws…i just realized i had a feeling of accomplishment! I had been wanting to do these message typos on recycled paper for ages now…The paper bags had been peeping out from the corner for almost a month…dying to be picked up,and used.Finally i did it! (photos coming up soon!)

I realized I want to do so many things..and i might be left with so little time.As of now I have no real responsibilities,no commitments, no appointments, no household work to do…nothing.I’m absolutely in a free-at-will phase! Except for the 9-6 job…I’m so so free to do everything I always wanted to do!

So today I have decided…everyday I am going to do something that I always wanted to do!Not just till this phase lasts…but for a lifetime! Because you never know how much time you are left with…I don’t want to be lying on my deathbed and thinking of all the things that I wish I could have done..or had gotten time to do…I realize that I have already wasted so much as till today…(OK,not entirely…I have done a few things in life) But i just want to live my life..and be happy and content with every minute I am alive! Are you living your life every moment??

P.S: Sometimes you sudden feel uneasy,when bad things are happening around you…and you feel like your time is up,suddenly,for no reason, your heartbeats increase,you think you are going to die…and thoughts like these crop up in your mind!!



In memory of one in a lifetime trip…these 2 days shall always be close to my heart…no worries,no tensions…no hard feelings,no fear of being judged…only love! With the people I love the most…and who love me the most!

(hand done sketch+Photoshop effects)

The Beauty of Simplicity…

I had forgotten how the most simple things in life are the most beautiful ones…

The songs by Norah Jones reminded me of this today…I had never really heard her songs before,I thought they aren’t my type…But i have been listening to her since yesterday now…and i can’t just get enough of her music…nothing extravagant,no complicated lyrics, no outrageous music pieces…just sweet melody,a smooth voice and simple lyrics, pure emotions…

Here are a couple of her songs…maybe not her most popular…but I love them!

For anyone who was as ignorant as me….give it a patient ear….and discover the beauty of simplicity!!