The Beauty of Simplicity…

I had forgotten how the most simple things in life are the most beautiful ones…

The songs by Norah Jones reminded me of this today…I had never really heard her songs before,I thought they aren’t my type…But i have been listening to her since yesterday now…and i can’t just get enough of her music…nothing extravagant,no complicated lyrics, no outrageous music pieces…just sweet melody,a smooth voice and simple lyrics, pure emotions…

Here are a couple of her songs…maybe not her most popular…but I love them!

For anyone who was as ignorant as me….give it a patient ear….and discover the beauty of simplicity!!


5 thoughts on “The Beauty of Simplicity…”

  1. I was checking out your blog this morning, just going over some of your pictures and posts about some of the interesting things you have seen and done. I happened upon this Nora video and started to cry. My mother and I used to sing similar songs in the kitchen when I was younger. I miss home and those precious shared times. My mother is in her 70’s now and i have long lost my voice too, but I still remember how sweet the sound of sharing my love for music was with my mother. I also thank her for giving me a voice. Thanks to you for bringing back this fond memory of cherished days past.

    1. I never imagined such a simple post would evoke such strong memories!! You should keep singing though,please don’t say you have lost your voice…if it has such fond memories,you should sing for your mother sometime =) cheers!
      Glad to receive this comment!

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