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—————————-M   I   S   S   I   N   G—————————


The reader in me, where have you been lately?

I know you must have felt lonely,

Because I have been busy,

With some shitty stuff, sometimes important work.

But that’s no reason to run away,

You should have kept a little faith.

Come back soon,

I    M I S S    Y O U !

I promise I will pretend like you never ran away,

And treat you like the good old days.

Everything will be just the same.

A pile of books and rich hot coffee awaits you by your favorite window!

Be found, Reader – In – Me!


If anyone reading this has any tip,any recommendations for luring the Reader-In-Me back, please get in touch or leave a comment. Any help will be appreciated!




You ask the thin air, you ask the hazy smoke.

You ask the distant stars, and beyond them, that bloke.


You think hard and long,

All those sleepless nights.

The unheard apologies, the unsaid goodbyes;

And you don’t even know why.


Your eyes are sore, your stomach hungry,

your body is aching and heart still broken.

The ice-cold eyes still render you speechless,

and you can’t even utter that single worded question…


You think you are ready, strong enough to know.

But the other side of why is always the harder blow.

No amount of hurt could prepare you for the answer,

And once you know, it can never be undone.


Why do you really want to know why?

Does it matter now?

Does it change anything anyway?

Does it relieve the pain?


Sometimes these questions are best left unanswered.

For the fear of unknown is better than the unending pain on the other side of


Fall in love at least once…

I could have shown you the star light sky,

And given you a piece of heaven.

Tickled you with my nose,

To ease the tension on your brow.

Cuddled with you in snow-clad mountains,

And burned under the sun in deserts.

You would have never had a chance to complaint

I would had filled your life with love…

If only you had given me a chance to show me,

How easy life could had been!

But the pain was too much,

And its coming back again.

This time I found a guiding light,

And I’m much stronger.

But I wish I could have shown you,

Life can so be lovable…

I hope you get it with someone else

And fall in love at least once!!!