Photo Series Day 6

I know, I know I missed a day….but really who cares as long as complete the 10 days…lets say I took a break mid way!!!
Anyways so…Im not going to post two different themes today…just going to add a day.
Here is today’s photo(s)

Religious buildings form a very important part in Indian architecture.India is bustling with a variety of religions and these seem to have struck a harmony somewhere…So my photos are religious buildings taken in diff parts of India…

Temple in Rajasthan
A temple and church in Tamil Nadu
Temple in Maharashtra

Yes, I’ m aware that these are just Hindu religious buildings, but i promise that I will be putting up more secular pictures very soon.

Temples are usually made in locally available stone and are adorned by delicate hand carvings…These intricate carvings often depict religious stories or incidences. Though these buildings are a treasure of Indian culture,there is little care taken by government to preserve and conserve them.Some parts of India like Rajasthan where tourism is in prime, a little efforts are taken…but in states like Maharashtra and Karnataka, where these buildings deserve equal attention are neglected beyond contempt.


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