Photo series Day 1

Almost a month ago,I started this photography challenge on a social networking site…with a new theme everyday running for a month.Its coming to an end, and I don’t know what to look forward to everyday.So starting from today,I am setting up a 10 day photo challenge for myself,with one theme that I am sure will be more than sufficient…INDIA.

With each photo,I will try and capture what in my opinion distinguishes and characterizes the essence of my country,India.

Here’s my today’s photo

Food is an important part of Indians,everyone in India is a food lover…but what lies behind it are the utensils.It is very important to cook specific food in an appropriate metal.Copper vessels were an important part of everyone’s kitchens in India.These days they are a rare commodity in kitchens,and miniature copper vessels have become part of the showcase racks in all households.I love the ethnic feel that these pieces have.This one is a serving vessel,at my grandma’s place…sadly a miniature in a showcase.


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