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Back to the snow.

She knew she was facing her first love, as she stood a valley across from the snow clad mountains. A river swiftly flowed between rounded white boulders, a few meters below her feet, as she stood on the edge of the mountain.
The scene in front of her eyes transported her eight years back. When she was in a similar place, in much simpler times.
She couldn’t help but reminisce about her life back then:
She was a happy soul.
She hadn’t yet realised the permanence of dysfunction in her family.
She did not worry about a thing, but cared about everything.
She was not in love with anyone particular, but did love everyone in her life.
She was surrounded by her closest friends, who cared.
All her loved ones loved her back. And shared their lives with her.
She had a plan for her near future.
She had no idea how fucked up relationships could be.
She was unaware of what life had in store of her…
To break her train of thoughts, she consciously moved her gaze away from the snowy peaks and turned right. And there he was standing patiently for her to finish her coffee. Small beady eyes resonating innocence , he smiled as he noticed her shift in gaze, running down his hand through his silky smooth hair. It had been a long long time since she met someone so sensitive and considerate of others. He reminded her of her past self. Spending time with him encouraged her to be that person again. Or even better. He was a better person than she had ever managed to be.
Maybe the magic was in the place. How could anyone not be the best version of themselves in this utopia?
‘Sorry’, she said out loud to him. ‘I was a little too mesmerized by the sight.’
‘Take all the time you need.’, he replied courteously.
She beamed as he had said the exact same thing for her every earlier stop as well.
‘ No. I’m done. Take me directly to the snow now.’ She said.
‘ Take me back to that heavenly snow.’

Sikkim, India
Sikkim, India

weekend getaway

There is no better way to unwind than to be at a beach around sunset on the weekend. I had never imagined that it could be so beautiful by the beach on a cloudy day.

Clicked with two different white balances.

Island Memoirs #1

My eyes were reduced to a slit.The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds since morning,but right now,it was spewing heat over my head.I was trying to find the face that I was supposed to trust my life with.I knew he was somewhere around.The knot in my stomach was wrenching tighter.The lump in my throat seemed permanent.He emerged smiling and jerked his head slightly telling me to follow him.Like a little child,I did just that.After a few steps towards the horizon,he noticed my hesitance.

‘Are you afraid?’ he asked. Embarrassed, I nodded,breaking into a smile and said ‘sort of’. He gently took my hand in his and said, ‘trust me…its a beautiful experience’. I nodded again and we set towards the horizon again.When we reached the distance he told me to let go off the weight and float freely.I tried and panicked immediately.He pulled me close by the waist in the most non-offensive manner possible.He looked at me reassuring with apathy,and said ‘keep breathing’. In that instant I knew he would keep me safe.Forgetting every thing else I started floating.He showed me the world I had never thought of witnessing.It was beauty beyond words can describe.I knew exactly what being one with nature meant.There was peace in every inch of my body and I never wanted to get out of that phase.But at that time,I wasn’t even thinking about that.I was living the moment…with him,silently gliding by my side,only looking at me to ask if I was okay at regular intervals. He let me put my hand on his shoulder as he guided me through the mystical world.I had never felt so safe before.He lifted me twice as I ran out of breath.Even if that bothered him,he hid it well.I lost the track of time.I could hear nothing,and feel nothing but peace.Peace…for the first time in my life I understood what the word really meant.

As we returned,I thanked him profusely,for being there in one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.He just smiled and said ‘most welcome’. I don’t know his name,nor does he know mine.He must have guided thousands in to the nature’s realm.By now he must have forgotten me,but I can never forget my snorkeling instructor, for without him, I would never have been able to go under water and feel light and free,the way I have never felt before!

Lakshadweep Islands,India has fascilities for scuba diving,snorkeling and kayaking.
Lakshadweep Islands,India has facilities for scuba diving,snorkeling and kayaking.

(This is the first part of a series of memoirs from my recent trip to the island of Lakshadweep,India.)