Conscience Man

Sometimes you meet your conscience in other person. When you are with this person you become aware of every move you make, every expression you give out…you even suddenly become aware of every thought that comes to your mind. You try to put up your shield, but the person just sees right through you. They know what is going through your mind, they know what effect they have on you. They know when you are excited, they know when you are tired, and they know when you lie. They know when your smile is teary eyed and they know when the tears are out of happiness. They are not fooled by the best of your game face. They just read you like an open book. Sometimes they use it to their advantage. But mostly, it is us who are at the gaining end. Everyone comes across such one person in their life, and I think it is of importance that we hold on to them. They might seem to make you uncomfortable, but sometime’s that is what we need. We need a reflection and we see it in their eyes. We sometimes need that hard long stare glaring at us, to understand ourselves, to come to terms with the consequences of our actions or to be warned against what might be a mistake. Most importantly we need this person to make us think.

I have found my conscience, have you?


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