I was travelling recently on the coastal lines here in India,where the sun has started scorching everything.So we were traveling in this nice A/C car…but outside all we could see was drying river beds and trees devoid of foliage.There was one such huge patch of arid trees.There was something about these trees that caught my mind,and I was thinking about them till we got back to the patch and I got down in middle of those of naked trees that my mind took to peace.It was 2 o clock in the afternoon and the sun was blazing,but I could not help feel wonderful as I touched those tree barks. Once when someone had asked me,’do you find a naked tree beautiful,do you find it’s silhouette an object of wonder’ and without even realizing what I was about to say I said, ‘no,I rather think a fully blossomed tree is beautiful’.I always have thought them to be interesting,but beautiful,not so much.Until I saw these trees.Suddenly,that conversation came to my mind,and I regret having told the person that I did not find them beautiful.I was so attracted to these trees,I was in a trance.It was as if they were trying to tell me how green and healthy they used to be,and how they were going to survive the glaring heat.The whole event of photographing them was almost inspirational.So here’s one of those insightful moments int the form a photography,which I took while being at the roots of a beautiful parched tree.


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