Steel Knife in My Wind Pipe…

Goodbye is the hardest word to say…especially when you are saying it to someone who means the world to you..whom you love with all your heart and who loves you back even more.

I still can’t come to terms with the fact that I don’t know when I will see you next…but definitely not in at least a year!!A year….without you it will seem like a decade.I will miss you every time I eat a chocolate…I don’t even know if I will feel like eating it without you…oh,i will just miss you so much.I will miss our random but crucially timed meetings…i miss you so much already!

I tried to be strong all these days…trying to convince that things won’t change…but I know you will be gone way too far…and yesterday i just broke down.I can’t eat and can’t even breathe since then…I just don’t know how I will survive without my powerhouse!

With you gone,it will be just cup of coffee,and our memories.I hope nothing changes..and i know it won’t,but it won’t be the same…I know you will always be eager to hear whats happening in my life…but i won’t be able to hold our hand while doing that..and your hugs…i will miss them more than anything else.Because with us,the hugs always did the speaking…i will be all alone now.

I don’t know how things will work out between us,how we manage to keep in touch…but I hope that you get the things you have been craving for.I know you worry for me…but here I am,I can’t stop praying and hoping for things to work out for you.Nothing matters to me more than you fulfilling your dreams.

I will keep my promise of being safe while you are meet you back in one piece…body and heart,and you promise me to be happy…just plain right happy!!!!


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