The recall…let me walk!

A few years ago I, like thousands of Indian women, had faced eve teasing.It was almost 8 years ago.I was walking down a neighborhood to get to my math tutions in the afternoon.It was just one and a half kilometer walk…I used to ride my bicycle everyday…but that day I had a flat tyre.So I was walking around 2 o clock in the afternoon and a drunken man in his 40s started following me.I noticed him getting closer and closer and blabbering something.I was very naive,I did not know what to do,I kept walking…and before I knew he was closer to me than healthy distance between two pedestrians.I speed up…but he was too close.He started saying things I don’t even remember,but I was shit scared.I was searching the street but I couldn’t see anyone I could call out for help.There were 2-3 more men with him behind us.I walked faster but so did he.I went in opposite direction,but he followed.I crossed the street,he still followed.I again changed my direction,he just kept following.He again managed to get really close.He tried to touch me…by coming closer and brushing himself against me…he got hold of my hand and I, don’t know how, but I managed to push him with a jerk..and probably because he was drunk he lost his balance a bit.I ran in opposite direction and went into my school premises.I told the security person on the gate about my situation…He went outside and tried for the man…but they didn’t find him. I saw my sports teacher and immediately told him of the incidence…i was in tears.He took me to the school’s vice principal…she knew me very well having taught me in school..She comforted me and the peon dropped me home.I remember losing my sleep for the next few days…I had never until then lost my sleep over anything,but it lasted for days.I used to wake up scared in the middle of the night,and stay awake in bed for hours…After that i never walked alone on that street.It was on my everyday route to anywhere…but I never walked alone.It wasn’t that I was assaulted severely and i swore never to walk alone again or something..but it just never happened…until today.I did not have my bike.. I was walking the same road again…afternoon time,alone…and the memory of this incidence just came back to me.Today obviously I am well prepared to handle such situations…but the memory still bought a lot of bitterness.It is very sad that even today females in a developing country like India have to face this everyday.And millions of women over the world…

The incidence unknowingly has scarred the image of middle-aged men in my mind for ever.I always find all the uncle type  men who look at me on the street to be perverts.May be not all of them stare at women,but I always give them the evil eye…I will always find them to be perverts.

Every female who has faced eve teasing in her life must have gone through some such change in her psychology…which is such a shame! People show such amazing apathy to these socially relevant truly embarrassing!But what is more saddening is that these things,despite of all the education and the culture,still keep happening in my own country!!!I am a patriot…I love my country…and i hope against hope,that someday the streets will be safe for women at every hour of the day!



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