i have a dream…

You were right next to me…we were walking side by side as you waved goodbye to my friends,as you swept me off my feet…to take me some place you wouldn’t tell me where. I loved the way your face was lit up with excitement.And then suddenly you held my hand…you had never done that before.In a moment I looked at you,and you were already looking at me…anticipating my reaction.I loved the way your eyes looked at me…I could feel the warmth…or was it your touch. I’m not sure.but one thing became clear…it was love,like never before!!! Everything seemed beautiful,and i couldn’t stop smiling!!!!! I never thought i would feel so beautiful. I could see the glow in you eyes…and you saw the tears…before you could touch my eyes…i was sitting wide awake in my bed…stunned!!!

A dream had never felt so real!i couldn’t help but cry….the residual of feelings burst in to a volcano of tears.I couldn’t breathe. I know this will never happen…ever.But it just felt so real!! I don’t know why He is playing games with me….i know that I love you…and that you will never be mine. But I have this dream…and you cannot take it from me!


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