Missed out friends…

Yes,it is the F-day today…celebration of the most purest form of love,friendship. I have been blessed in this form of relationship.I have been blessed with the most amazing friends…in school,college and elsewhere.But there’s always someone in your life you would had hoped to befriend…and which did not happen. Today I’m going to tell you about one such person.When I was in first year,I remember the first senior who talked to me..and yes,such a cliché…the senior was a guy! I was sitting in the lobby with one of my friend,and he came down the stairs…looking at us,and squeaked,not in the annoying manner,but with bewilderment…twins!!!Are you twins?? We weren’t,but everyone from fourth year called us twins since then.Yes,he was in his fourth year.And we used to bump in to each other all the time.Our college was a small place…I mean literally,just two floors in a building. But it was not until the fresher’s party that I got really fascinated by him…he played the guitar!!!!For me,that is just something completely admirable.And he knew his stuff…you could see the joy on his face when he ruffled his six string….and I adored him that instant!!

Now,back then,I was this extremely socially awkward person…very shy,and he was extremely flamboyant.So when he started hitting on me,I didn’t know how to react…I didn’t wanted to be romantically(or whatever) involved with him,but have long length conversations with,learn about his interests,and his ideologies,about design,music and life! Now this ‘twin’ friend of mine had a huge crush on him.But whenever he used to come and talk to our group,he used to flirt with me…and this friend used to growl at me.So what I did was,I started avoiding him,dropping him hints that I’m totally oblivious to him…which of course I wasn’t and I know that was a totally stupid thing to do..but my friends always come before anything else.They both became great friends,and even went out for some time,i think!

Anyhow…the point is,i missed out on what could have been a great friendship.He was(is) this totally cool,charming, severely talented musical guy.He could have added depth to my thoughts and my understanding of music,and life…but I guess i missed out on that.

I’m sure everyone must feel the same way about some person they crossed paths with.Does this post remind you of someone?


One thought on “Missed out friends…”

  1. I totally understand what u mean!
    my missed out friend would be this very cute guy from my college…what fascinated me to him was his SEVERELY cool aura and an insanely funky helmet! 🙂

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