Hello world!(yes,i didn’t change the name)


This is my first post,not my first blog though! why I trashed my first blog is a completely different story,but I do  stuff like that often…you can say,im moody!

But don’t start making assumptions about me just yet,don’t judge me yet.Because if you do,I will just prove as a surprise to you…well,most of the times!

So…some things about me that you should know:

I’m a self-proclaimed artist, but really a designer.

I love discovering art in the simplest everyday objects.

I strongly believe in ‘beauty lies in beholders eyes’.

I like to think of myself as a global person…somehow I feel I have been blessed with great understanding capabilities,so I think I can befriend any human being on this earth.

People around me think I’m a great thinker, a philosopher sorts and a very quiet person…well I’m just shy! you get to know me better,and my silence just dissolves!!!

I believe there’s a difference between bitching and gossiping…I do gossip sometimes(yes,i’m female,but males gossip too…more on that later,someday!)

I practice day dreaming! (I don’t know where I lost humor in this sentence….it sounded funny in my mind)

Yes, I often talk to myself (like this)…but hey I’m not a loner,my friends are my life!

I have fallen in and out of love a couple of times…and right now,i don’t know which stage I’m in…falling in or falling out.

I’m 24,and breaking the rule that women lie about their age…its not a lie.I’m really 24!

Hey…you aren’t hoping I’d let myself in on the first post itself,are you???

This is it then…In my blog,I really don’t know what I am going to write about…what topics I will cover,will I share my personal life or not..I’m not sure yet. But I needed a place to pour out my thoughts.The practical world that we live in often forces you to grow up,to be sane…but i needed to be true to my self..I’m a bit crazy,and quirky!!! I needed to preserve it..conserve the other side of me…the quirky me!

So,hello world…keep visiting!


One thought on “Hello world!(yes,i didn’t change the name)”

  1. thank for droppin by my blog…

    on reading your first post, I should say that generally most of the artist (in whatever genre they are) have the same personality and character (as how you mention about yourself on this blog) and whether we like or or not, most people will not understand us unless they get to be in our shoes… ^_^

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